I love business. For me its all about achieving your dreams and success, of course also making money, but I choose to earn my money doing what I love. 

I Love Fashion. I love creating. I love almost everything artistic. 

I started my Designer Brand "Randivie" in 2018. I design every item myself creating artistic pieces. 

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I started a retail brand "Berry Aura" in 2019. Items are not designed by me. Yet I choose items that customers can choose to mix and match Berry Aura items with Randivie. Try Randivie Anklets with Berry Aura Flat Sandals, the coolest thing ever you will put on your feet!

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I Love Food, I Love Good Taste. I Love Fired Wood Pizza. And so i started my own brand in 2019. My first branch of my Pizzeria & Cafe brand "Kiss Pizza" was opened in Cairo, Egypt. & I am preparing for more branches. One day it will be an international brand.

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I Love Real Estate. Yes one of my dreams is owning projects, construct nice houses and sell them to beautiful people. Watch Me!